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We are about the God of the WHOLE BIBLE, I mean ALL 66 BOOKS! We tell you the TRUTH about what it says and like the Bible, we are RAW and we are REAL. Listen, if you are easily offended...then don't listen. However, if you can handle the TRUTH, then LISTEN UP!


Regular Live Bible Preaching

Passionately delivered, and thoroughly applied to today’s dark world, and the 21st Century Christian. We don’t shy away from hard subjects!

Great Bible Teaching Materials

We want to teach YOU how to study the Bible for YOURSELF, and so all of our tools give YOU the opportunity to leap into the Bible at what any depth of the pool you desire. Check them out!

Digital Discpleship

God’s idea is the local church. So, everything we do is to get you into a local fighting unit. You cannot beat face to face fellowship and warm bodies! Even so, wherever you are and whatever you do, we will provide you with all Digital means to know and grow in the Knowledge of Jesus.


We pray & we would love to pray for you. We talk to God and we talk to one another. We are a community and a talking community at that! We meet for prayer, mutual help, consolation, encouragement and the building up of our hearts in the Word of God.

Multi-Media Broadcasting

We have been on terrestrial and internet radio and now are using all Digital Media Means to get the whole counsel of God out to the masses. We intend to be like a rash on media! We shall be everywhere and in all forms with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Practical Support

We love all people, but we love the church especially. We put the church first and the local church first in all things. We take care of our own first of all. Once we have done that, as God wills and provides we hope to take care of many people in various social activities.


is a project of THE 66 BOOKS MINISTRY