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We are The New Separatists! Now then, before you think that means we don’t have anything to do with anybody, think of the word TO! We are Separated TO God. We take being a follower of Jesus very seriously indeed. We recognize that God The Holy Spirit is just that: HOLY. So are we. We recognize that Jesus the Son of God became a man and that after His ascension back into heaven that there is now a man, a human being in heaven! We, therefore, are as human as we can be. Indeed, Christ died to make us human. Think about that! So, we the New Separatists, with God’s help and aid are human, holy as we follow Jesus our Master.


We Have People Who Only Tune-in or Attend OCCASIONALLY!

GREAT! It's good to have you as part of our COMMUNITY

We Have People Who Only Tune-in or Attend REGULARLY!

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We Have People Who Are FULLY COMMITTED to our Vision, Mission, & Method

FANTASTIC! It's great to have you as a MEMBER of 66Bible.Church


How Do I Become A MEMBER of 66Bible.Church ?

Complete Our Membership Course

This is usually a half a day introductory course regarding what you are getting yourself into!

Be Recommended by our Local Leaders

Yes, our local leaders would love to get with you, get to know you, and then make recommendations to the local body to have you accepted into membership.

Become an Associate Member

You may already be a member of another church, a visitor, a student, or be totally internet based, in any event we have a place for you as an associate member.

SO! If you want to join us, DROP US A LINE!

  • We are not perfect, but we are holy.
  • We are not always right, but we strive to be righteous.
  • We are not complete, but we are ever moving to wholeness.
  • We don't have it all together, but we are not all falling apart. 
  • We love the truth of God's Word.
  • We love the God of the Bible.
  • We love our Master, Jesus the Son of God, our only Savior.
  • We are willing to live for Him
  • We are willing to die for Him
  • We are willing ot fight for Him